Sarah Jean Lashes

Product Description

Lashes to suit every occasion.

Vegan, latex free, synthetic and light-weight.


Super natural; people will think you're naturally blessed with gorgeous lashes

SJ001 are super light. The varying lengths of the lash strands, which are in a dainty zig-zag, blend naturally with your real lashes yet beautifully enhance your eyes.

SJ001 are ideal for people who don't wear lashes regularly as you will gain length and thickness. People will think you're naturally blessed with beautiful lashes.


Perfect for the 1920s glam look

The individual strands of SARAH JEAN lash style SJ002 are dainty and fine yet have enough length to really open your eyes and create a look that's feminine and striking.

The lashes are evenly displayed from shorter on the inner part to longer at the outer part. If you love the baby-doll or 1920s glamour look, these lashes are for you.


Dainty, long strands but sparse so offer length while being lovely and natural

SARAH JEANS most popular lash style, SJ003 creates a sultry and beautiful look that enhances the eyes while still being quite natural.

Some of the lash strands are quite long, but because the strands are so fine, they blend beautifully with your real lasheså adding length and lusciousness. SJ003 are perfect for the everyday lash wearer, and also for those who aren't used to wearing lashes as they're still light and feminineScroll the images for different views of SJ003.


Super glam, long, fluttery yet light; perfect for special events

The most dramatic style from the SARAH JEAN lash collection, SJ004 are long, lushes and fabulous.

Despite being luscious and thick, SJ004 are still light-weight and easy to wear. The longest lash strands are approximately 13mm long. Make your eyes extra sultry and flirty with SJ004.


Sexy, voluminous, luscious

For a fuller, more dramatic lash, SJ005 are ideal. The criss-crossing of the strands ensures they blend well with your natural lashes while the length creates a lushes, full lash.

SJ005 are perfect for weddings, formals or any occasion when you want the wow look.



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